Pizza Ovens

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Melbourne

Drysdale Wood Fired Ovens is the brand which is renowned when people think of baking that delicacy.
With more than 30 years of experience in the Refractory Industry, our staff excel in hand crafting an easy to install and constructed ovens.
We pride ourselves as being one of the most reputable makers of Wood fired ovens/Pizza ovens. Proudly hand crafting them on the Bellarine Peninsula. We ensure that our pizza ovens are not only robust in quality but also creatively designed to enhance the mood of baking the delicacy of your choice.
We endeavour to make our wood fired ovens/pizza ovens affordable. We make them affordable so anyone can install a wood fired pizza oven in their home and enjoy its benefits.
Why should you count on us ?
Logo matters: We strongly promote and we have the license to carry the
Australian made and owned logo on our products. Australian Made and owned logo helps to distinguish our products from imported goods in the online environment, and gives our customers confidence that they are buying from a reputable supplier.

Affordable: We understand that there is a soft corner for
pizza in every person’s heart. On the other hand we also know that not everyone is able to install a well constructed creatively design pizza oven at their place. So, we have kept the price quite moderate that suits everyone’s budget. And we are able to do this because we have cut the middle man cost. And we are also able to buy the raw materials at a wholesale rate. So, to keep you happy, we have passed some of our savings in your cost.
Quality:  This is an easily constructed wood fired oven. Design and performance of this oven is second to none. Oven wall thickness is 65mm with quality bio soluble Insulation blanket backing it up. Hearth tile thickness is 50mm with 25mm of Calcium Silicate insulation board underneath. A 50mm hearth tile is the minimum you should use in your oven. This thickness allows the tile when heated through to assist in keeping the temperature in the oven for long periods. When the hearth is heated together with the walls and the insulation is of good quality, the oven’s performance will be much improved by losing minimal heat by reflecting heat back into the oven keeping it warmer for longer and also saving fuel.

Service Area :
All parts of Australia including Geelong, Melbourne,  Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart