About Us

Starting out on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria and now Brisbane, we are very proud to be hand crafting our wood fired ovens in Australia.  Our wood fired ovens are licensed to carry the “Australian made” logo. Our ovens have been designed and hand crafted with over 30 years of Refractory Industry experience using the best materials to allow our ovens to perform to their full potential. These are not Chinese ovens.

How do we keep our prices low? We have very low overheads. We do not “On sell”. We cut out the middle man by selling direct from the manufacturer to you. Wherever possible, we purchase our materials & components from other small businesses. These savings are passed onto our customers. You are getting a great oven at a realistic price.

All the boxes are ticked. Great design, great price, best quality Australian materials, Australian made and Australian owned. Your purchase is also more personalised with only one person to contact from the sale right through to any after purchase enquiry you may have.

We heavily promote the Australian made and owned logo on our products because it is inherent that if a product has been made in Australia, you can expect quality, safety, consistency and longer lifecycles

Australian Made and owned logo helps to distinguish our products from imported goods in the online environment, and gives our customers confidence that they are buying from a reputable supplier.

This is an easily constructed wood fired oven. Design and performance of this oven is second to none. Oven wall thickness is 65mm with quality bio soluble insulation blanket backing it up. Hearth tile thickness is 50mm with 25mm of Calcium Silicate insulation board underneath. A 50mm hearth tile is the minimum you should use in your oven. This thickness allows the tile when heated through to assist in keeping the temperature in the oven for long periods. When the hearth is heated together with the walls and the insulation is of good quality, the oven’s performance will be much improved by losing minimal heat by reflecting heat back into the oven keeping it warmer for longer and also saving fuel.

We have sent our wood fired ovens to locations across Australia including Brisbane Qld, Sydney N.S.W, Loxton S.A, Echuca in Victoria and as far away as Darwin N.T.